dah Cliffstah

dah Cliffstah began his earthly journey in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY, USA. For the last 40 years or so he has called Atlanta, Sandy Springs and now East Cobb County his home. In the late '60's, Cliff stomped around Greenwich Village and Central Park in NY city and did the folk singer thing that was so common during that period. When not performing on his own he played second guitar to many of the artists of the day including Phoebe Snow and Richie Havens. Throw in a few advertising jingles and some corporate soundtrack work and Cliff managed to eek by on music.

After moving to Atlanta in 1973, Cliff played in several unknown "lounge" bands until finally setting down music and getting a real job. and it wasn't until 1991 that he was again tempted to pursue the music once again. An friend named Mike D. kept coming by telling of a superb basement with all the techno goodies. After some diligent arm twisting, Cliff was led to Cartersville to Grynch Mountain where he immediately picked up a bass guitar that was lying around and began the new adventure.

As is common in most musical endeavors, musical directions differed and personalities clashed and the Grynch Mountain get-togethers were soon dissolved. Now with his musical itch being re-ignited, Cliff sought out friends and acquaintances to play with and it was during this search period that dah Bobcat came into the picture. Bobby Hill hails from Alabama and we met because both our ex-wives were into horses at the time but Bob and I had only heard of each other till we actually met.....and nothing happened till some time later. Soon after our initial few get-togethers, Cliff and Bob were musically locked at the hip somewhat like Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casidy of the Jefferson Airplane and began noodeling around in Cliff's office showroom.

It wasn't long before the two grew weary of the non-singer non-drummer environs and Cliff remembered a guy he ran into while at work. Geoff had been a vocalist a few years back and was itching to get back into the music scene. After bringing Geoff into a few sessions at the showroom a nexus was formed that continued for almost 5 years.

Another work related situation brought Mel Harper into the pack as the resident percussionist. This permutation of Strings Attached played in and around Metro Atlanta for about a year before Mel had to bow out due to work and family constraints. As luck would have it, Geoff knew a young gun drummer named Pat Mueller. Pat had sat in a few times during the Mel Harper period and we had always been impressed with his talent. So when Mel parted ways with us, it was a natural to give Pat first dibbs on the drummer slot.

The Strings Attached crew of Bob, Cliff, Geoff and Pat played out and about for nearly 3 years and really developed a roster of songs unmatched by other cover bands in Atlanta.but the Strings Attached musical adventure ended when Geoff got an offer he couldn't refuse about a job in Jacksonville Florida at three times his current pay! Pat got married and sort of settled down while Strings Attached sorta melted down and we all went our own ways for a few years.

Bob and Cliff were still invested deeply into the musical dream of a band in the basement and a few gigs now and then. At some point we ran an ad and found our vocalist Steve Hart. Steve is originally from West Georgia but now makes his home in Canton and has been in and out of the band soup for years. He has done country and metal and everything in between. Steve is a baritone and we spent hours finding the right classic rock tunes to play to his strengths. Steve can punch through and keep at it all night.

As time marched on we had somewhat of a time finding a drummer who could cope with 1.) A trio of old farts with little real ambition beyond the basement, some brews and a gig every now an then. 2.) The range of tunes we would try to play. Well, this went on for a literal 2.5 years before contestant #25, Mr. Robert Jones from Alpharetta stopped by and was actually able to keep time, had dynamic sense, and could roll with the musical punches and challenges Bob and I would throw at him. Since finding Robert we have been able to take things up a notch and get into tunes other bands might not try, or if they did, be able to pull off very well.