It has become an axiom to we, THE BAND, that music is a song and a sound and a message unbound by economic considerations. We play for the sheer joy of interacting with each other and to share with others, our music, such as it is, such as we chose to present it, such as it is heard.

That being said, we are more than happy to entertain you in your surrounds for free, provided that YOU hire someone to pack and load all of our equipment from our place and truck it to your location and unpack it and set it up for us so we can entertain you. Please understand, we do not charge for the music portion of the process as that is our work of love - We charge for the load in, travel and load out. If you are interested in our services, please leave a msg at:

770-321-6322 and

Cliff will get back to you asap...!!


Watch this space for our music near you!