Robert Jones

Little is known about Robert Jones beside the fact that his talent is controlled and precise and he can figure out any tune we throw at him and make it his own. By day he is a computer geek and by night he prowls the streets looking for a pickup street hockey game to help keep him in shape for the grueling hours of band rehearsal.

Robert was contestant #25 in our two and a half year, "Can you really play the drums" search for a replacement drummer after our last band imploded. It seems EVERYONE can play the drums along with records but few are able to stand ( or sit ) proudly and play with a live band. Not so with Robert. He is laid back at first, playing simply to get the gist of the tune and slowly, over time adding flourishes and fills to enhance and project better than most of the drummers on the tunes we try to emulate. He has the chops and the equipment but most of all he has the attitude necessary for being in an old fart basement band. He has patience and skill and those two usually dont reside together in drummers.

It wont be long before some big-time head hunter snatches him away to fame and glory on some stage with a real name band. But in the meantime we are lucky to have him work with us and his music has become ours.